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Rental Information

Rental Information

SCADshow Rental Rates
Updated July 12, 2016

Thank you for your interest in SCADshow. Explore our general rental rates for each stage. If interested, please complete the SCADshow Rental Application

Theater Rental fees:

Mainstage                                 365 seats       $1,500 per day ($1,200 per day for nonprofit organizations)

Stage 2                                    180 seats       $750 per day ($600 per day for nonprofit organizations)

Additional Rental fees:

Sound engineer                       $280 – Half day (Five hour maximum)
                                                             $560 – Full day (10 hour maximum)

Lighting engineer                    $280 – Half day (Five hour maximum)
                                                            $560 – Full day (10 hour maximum)

On-site manager                     $20 per hour with a four hour minimum

Security                                      2-4 officers at $30 per hour with a four hour minimum

Atlanta Police                          2 officers at $35 per hour with a four hour minimum

Housekeeping                          $150 per event day

Additional labor information:

One audio and one lighting engineer are the standard need for each stage for every event. Additional discussion of technical needs will determine event specific fees.

Labor rates apply to the first eight hours per day; over eight hours are billed at time and a half.

Contract fees:

Box office                  

Tickets for any event at SCADshow must be sold through the SCADshow box office. Fees vary by event.

Event insurance         

We require a Certificate of Insurance listing SCADshow and the Savannah College of Art and Design as an additional insured party. Certificate must be received no later than five business days prior to your load-in.

Securing a stage:

  1. If you would like to put dates on hold for an event, please complete the SCADshow Rental Application
  2. Using the application information you have provided, you will recieve a response from the SCADshow team regarding availibility within three business days of submission. 
  3. Once a date has been held for your event, a quote will be shared for your review and approval.
  4. Held dates are not confirmed until contract is signed by both parties and deposit is received.
  5. Once the contract is signed, the box office will make tickets available for sale through the SCADshow Box Office.
  6. Final fees due to the theater can be deducted from box office sales (restrictions apply) or billed directly to organization.

Box office information and fees:

In order to have your event at SCADshow, you must sell your tickets through the SCADshow Box Office. The SCADshow Box Office sells tickets online at, by phone at 404.253.2740 Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM and in person at the SCADshow Box Office window one hour prior to every event.

Minimum ticketing setup fees:

Main Stage performance    $150
Stage 2 performance         $75

No tickets may be sold by a promoter without the permission of SCADshow. If approved, consignment tickets may be arranged with a box office supervisor and printed in advance for a promoter to sell. The promoter is responsible for paying the Georgia sales tax for all consignment tickets sold.

Sales tax:
Georgia law requires sales tax to be paid on ticket sales. Sales tax will be deducted from the ticket price at settlement.

Service fees:

Patron & Credit Card fees:
Service fees will apply to patrons for all modes of sale: online, window and phone. Service fees are included in the face value of the ticket and are deducted from promoter's gross revenue. Service Fees will be outlined in the ticketing agreement.

Mode of distribution fees:

Will call:                    Free
Mail:                           $2 
Print at home:            $3